Soniford Maeller Corp. was established in 1982 to manufacture and sell dental equipment. The company’s research focus led to the development of a number of technological advances in the field. In its first decade, the company successfully developed and moved into production the high speed control box AIR FLOW, the portable chairs FINA and NEW FINA, the dental units CHAIRMOUNT and SEIKI.

A strategic partnership with a Japanese company was established which resulted in the development of the micro motor control box BRAVO. In the succeeding decades, as the company grew, it invested heavily in research and development and expanded its production facilities, whilst maintaining total quality control. New technological designs were introduced such as the full automatic chair and light weight scissor-based portable chair. Innovations like the mobile cart, light curing machine, amalgamator, dry heat sterilizer, ultraviolet cabinet, asta autoclave, handy cart, auxiliary portable highspeed, and x-ray developer processor were developed and produced.

A new dental equipment line, CONCEPT, was developed to meet the growing needs of new graduates at an affordable price. On a different spectrum, a different model, ADVANCE, was introduced with modified mechanisms and sophisticated features, such as emergency light and photo cure machine. For the export market, the model ACROSS was developed for its durability and easy maintenance. As the company gained reputation both internationally and locally, the company entered into a strategic joint venture with a foreign company to produce x-ray machines.

New more technologically advanced models were introduced in the last decade which were widely accepted, the new FOCUS and the new HAPPY DOCTOR. The company is a major exhibitor in dental fairs. The company continues to invest in high quality machinery for the production of its dental equipment. Manufacturing is completely done in its 3000 sqm facility located 20 kms south of Manila. The production team is headed by personnel with international work experience.